Leading Lines

A great tutorial which is the basis of April 2019 Photo Challenge

Leading Lines

Depth of Field

A good Tutorial on Depth of Field can be found

Understanding Depth of Field 

How to Photograph Silhouettes

A great article about photographing silhouettes can be found at “Digital Photography School” – How to Photograph Silhouettes in 8 Easy Steps

Different Camera Modes

A good tutorial on what the different camera modes are.

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15 Tips For Stunning Black and White Photography

Hazel found this great tutorial on the web by “Jim Harmer”.


Summary of some of the tips:-

  1. Visualise in black and white, only pay attention to Lines, Shadows and shapes.
  2. Look for CONTRAST. The best black and white photos usually have some portion of the photo that is near black and some portion that is near to pure white.
  3. Find a wide range of GRAYS. This creates a more interesting photo.
  4. Look for TEXTURE. For example old sheds, stone walls.
  5. Look for PATTERNS. You will see paterns everywhere once you start looking.



5 Simple Suggestions to Improve Your Photos


A great article from the Australian Photography web site by  Robert Keeley, James Ostinga and Andrew Fildes where they outline five quick tips to help you improve your photography.

Don’t be fooled! Becoming a top photographer takes time and lots of practice, and there’s no quick way to become an expert. Every great shooter has devoted themselves in a dedicated fashion over many years to developing their skills. But having said that, when you’re starting out there are also a lot of tips which can make a significant difference to how consistently you can produce better pictures. They can allow you to make a rapid step up in standard. Here are five diverse, but really useful, things you can do that will make a big difference to your pictures if you employ them all the time. FULL ARTICLE




Perfecting and Playing with White Balance

As photographers we often question the strength, type and direction of light, but because most of today’s cameras’ auto-functions are greatly enhanced, it can be easy to forget about the colour of light. (more…)

20 Questions to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Photography

A good article on improving your Photography.

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